Taylor Swift Trends After Justice Department Sues Ticketmaster

Taylor Swift Trends After Justice Department Sues Ticketmaster

Taylor Swift has been trending since the Justice Department sued Ticketmaster and its parent company, Live Nation. The department has blamed the company for monopolizing the concert industry. 

Ticketmaster and its parent company, Live Nation, are now facing danger from mishandling Taylor Swift’s 2022 Eras Tour. Last Thursday, the US Justice Department filed a federal lawsuit against the concert organizing company. 

In a 128-page civil lawsuit, the Justice Department accuses Ticketmaster and Live Nation of monopolizing the concert industry. According to the lawsuit, Ticketmaster is accused of controlling various aspects of the concert business and changing them to suit the company’s profit. 

According to the Justice Department, Ticketmaster’s monopoly on concert promotion, venue selection, and ticket sales harms the rights of consumers and artists and forces people to pay more. 

Has the Justice Department mentioned Taylor Swift in its Lawsuit?

The Justice Department does not mention Taylor Swift anywhere in its 128-page federal lawsuit. However, she is trending, and many news channels mention her because of an incident in 2022. 

During her Eras Tour, Ticketmaster announced that the public sale of tickets had been canceled. This decision challenged many Swifties to watch their favorite perform live on a limited budget. Live Nation made this decision at its sole discretion, and no one had the right to challenge it. 

The incident was an example of the problems arising from Live Nation’s control over the live entertainment industry. The Justice Department’s Antitrust Division was already investigating the matter that occurred during Taylor Swift’s tour. 

Allegations on the Ticketmaster 

In addition to monopolizing the industry, the federal suit, joined by 29 states and the District of Columbia, accuses the company of blocking innovation in the industry. The lawsuit describes the company as a “self-reinforcing flywheel,” using various business components to capture all fees.

Taylor Swift Trends After Justice Department Sues Ticketmaster
flywheel, showcasing different aspects of concert business and Ticketmaster’s influence. Available in the lawsuit.

The Justice Department seeks governmental involvement and regulations in the company’s policies. Their appeal aims to limit Live Nation’s decision-making rights.

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