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Jim Jones brutally beats one man and injures another at airport: Video
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Jim Jones brutally beats one man and injures another at airport: Video

A video is going viral on social media in which Jim Jones is seen brutally beating a man. Although Jones says it was self-defense, his actions suggest a different story.

A video of Jim Jones is making waves online, especially on social media and news channels. No, it’s not his new album or interview; the video is about a brutal fight on an escalator at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. 

TMZ Reports

In the video, there’s a chaotic scene unfolding on an escalator. Jim Jones is among a group of five others coming down the stairs. Suddenly, he grabs a person and attempts to throw him downwards. Unfortunately, he succeeds, and the person falls at the feet of an older man.

The older man’s reaction indicates that his leg is seriously injured. Additionally, in the video, you can see blood flowing from the head of the person thrown by Jim.

But Jim doesn’t stop there. He proceeds to assault another man, who appears to be related to the older man and who tried to intervene against Jim’s actions.

A person on the escalator can be seen running upstairs due to fear and watching how Jim beats others. However, suddenly, a pair of officers came and tried to stop the fight. 

Airport Police Action

Airport police quelled the protest by separating Jim Jones and others. Although the injured man tried to attack Jim again, the police did not allow him to do so. In the end, the older man can be seen in deep pain, and others support him. 

While answering media questions, Jim says it was self-defense. He was defending himself only. However, his actions in the video portray some other story of a brutal assault. 

Police have not said anything yet. Also, there is no report of any arrests or reports. 

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