North Korea fired artillery shells on the South Korean border

North Korea fired artillery

North Korea has again done something that has forced the global community, especially South Korea, to think. On Friday morning, North Korea fired about 200 rounds of artillery shells off its west coast. 

South Korea has ordered their civilians to stay away from the border area and take shelter on the island. The South Korean government took this decision due to unexpected activities from the other side of the border. 

According to the reports, on Friday morning between 9 and 11 am local time, North Korea fired artillery shells near the South Korean border. Although this strange action of North Korea did not cause any harm, it is a matter of concern for the locals.

South Korea reaction 

Even if the artillery cells did not enter the border, South Korea has expressed its displeasure. South Korea has addressed this activity as a “provocative act.” However, the North justified firing by saying that such practice posed no threat to the islands.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said that the firing had caused no damage to our people or military. However, he also mentioned the consequences of North’s drill by saying that the act threatened peace on the Korean peninsula and raised tensions. 

North Korea had already done this in 2010 when four people died due to the operation. 

Tensions may increase

The tension between North Korea and South Korea is well known. Both countries often remain in the headlines due to their border tension. Although the situation between the two countries seems to be normal for some time now, this incident may increase tension.

North Korea is a friend nation of the United States, and the U.S. has recently sent some of its best submarines to North Korea. So, such activities from the South can work as a fire in fuel. 

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