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Popular Singer Got Erection During a Live Show: Video Went Viral
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Popular Singer Got Erection During a Live Show: Video Went Viral 

A shocking video is going viral in which popular singer, writer, and actor Ricky Martin got an erection during a live show. Fans are sharing the video on social media with different captions. 


While enjoying some dance performances, Ricky Martin appeared to have had arousal during his friend Madonna’s concert. In the viral video, Ricky can be seen being very excited, and his excitement peaked when he got an erection during a live show. 

The incident took place after Ricky Martin and Madonna shared the stage in Miami. Madonna welcomed one of her close friends on stage during a performance of Vogue. It happened during Sunday night’s celebration tour stop in Miami. 

Viral Video (In the video, Ricky Martin can be seen getting an erection during a live show)

While the sensual interactions between Madonna’s dancers and her friend added excitement to the performance, fans had hoped for a more restrained approach from the singer. 

Now, some short clips from the show are going viral with different captions. Some fans are criticizing Ricky for his behavior, even in the video Wicky shared on X. 

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Ricky Posted on X

Twitter Post

He captioned, Thank you @Madonna, my love! Always fun to be invited to the party. You all Cannot miss this show! 

People’s Reactions 

Some social media users are tagging it as shameful, while others are enjoying the clips. 

Magali wrote on X

Ooh how cool ! I’ve seen her show in Europe ! What a fantastic party it was ! Your show in Monte Carlo was also inolvidable para mi btw And now seeing both of you sharing a stage is so. 

 “A little excited you are…,” a fan commented. “Wow! I hope this was only 18 plus rated as this is disgusting behaviour from adults! Truly disgusting!” another user commented. “Gross, vulgar, this is not art!! So sad!!” a third user wrote.

In addition to Ricky, some other stars also joined Madonna in Miami. Names like Julia Garner, RuPaul’s Drag Race stars, Plane Jane, Symone, and Monét X Change, and David Harbour, who starred in Madonna’s 2011 directorial effort W.E.

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