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Robert Downey Jr. will happily return as Iron Man
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Robert Downey Jr. will happily return as Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr., best known for his fictional character Iron Man, is ready to return as Iron Man. However, the sad part is that the makers have no plans to revive one of the most loved characters of the MCU. 

So, no Iron Man instalment seems to come in near future. However, if the makers change their decision, Robert Downey will happily return as Iron Man. The richest superhero in Marvel Cinematic Universe revealed his thoughts on return while answering the media. 

However, for Iron Man lovers, the MCU has collaborated with some companies to develop an advanced Iron Man game. This game will give enthusiasts a chance to watch their superhero in action and even operate his moves. 

What does Robert Downey Jr say?

You may see new theories regarding Iron Man and his revival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe on every second day. Robert Downey Jr responded to the never ending rumours and fan made theories on Iron Man return. 

When Esquire asked him whether he would ever don the red suit again, Robert said yes. He said, “Happily. It’s too integral a part of my DNA. That role chose me. And look, I always say, never, ever bet against Kevin Feige. It is a losing bet. He is the house. He will always win.” 

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Is Iron Man returning?

Probably not. I may be incorrect that I will also love to be but considering recent interviews of MCU officials, Iron Man is not returning. However nothing is impossible here, there might be some magic but makers are not really taking fan theories seriously. 

In a recent interview Marvel Studios head confirmed that they have no plans to bring Iron Man back into the fold. “We are going to keep the moment and not touch it again. We all worked very hard for that and we would never want to magically undo it in any way,” Kevin Feige said while referring endgame scene. 

Iron Man death 

It sounds foolish to share the information regarding Iron Man’s death. We think, everyone who really exists on this planet and has some interest in Cinema will have an idea about the death of Iron Man. 

Downey’s Iron Man wrapped up its arc in 2019 with the final installment of Avengers, Avengers: Endage. In the Endgame, he killed himself to distroy Thanos and future risks for humanity. However, for Robert Downey’s appearances in 10 different Avenger movies, he is still alive in fans hearts. 

Robert Downey won an Academy award this year for performing in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer. He is also ready to back as Shelock Holmes, in its third installment. 

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