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Sean O'Malley again criticizes Ryan Garcia's technique
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Sean O’Malley again criticizes Ryan Garcia’s technique

Sean O’Malley and Ryan Garcia are like Tom and Jerry inside and outside the ring. They never leave any chance to criticize each other, even when there is no need. O’Malley has continued the tradition by declaring Ryan’s technique wrong. 

Sean O'Malley again criticizes Ryan Garcia's technique
Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia vs Davin Haney took place on April 20 at Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York. Ryan shocked the boxing world by scoring a majority decision win over Haney. He dropped the super-lightweight champion four times and won the match easily. 

He was ineligible to win the WBC belt after missing three pounds on Saturday. Some people were also criticizing his mental state due to Garcia’s behavior on social media. But King Ryan proved everyone wrong and shocked boxing lovers with his game. 

Sean O’Malley’s reaction 

After Garcia’s victory, everyone looked happy and shared congratulatory messages with him. However, among those happy faces, some were not happy with the victory. Sean O’Malley is one of them who believes this victory was not all okay. 

Sean O'Malley
Sean O’Malley

Sean O’Malley took a dig at champion Ryan for capitalizing on an illegal rule in boxing. Though Ryan and Malley have a history of exchanging harsh words for each other, King was silent during this time. 

Malley stated that he would talk with UFC CEO Dana White to arrange a match with Ryan Garcia. 

In addition, he posted a sarcastic video on his Instagram account to make fun of Ryan’s tactics. However, he wrote some positive words, “Impressive Performance, Interesting Technique,” in the caption; Sean’s video intends something else. 

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Fans reaction 

Now, after Sean O’Malley’s reaction video, fans are asking for a match between Ryan and Sean. Some are criticizing the way he reacted to Ryan’s victory while others are taking dig at the winner. 

“Can’t believe I’m saying it, but I truly think Suga sleeps Haney in the boxing ring.”

“Ryan does that every fight. But tonight. Jesus is up elites are down. Ryan got the crown.”

“Let’s be real, none of us expected Ryan to pull this off 😭😭 I gave him a puncher’s chance, but 3 knockdowns??? He’s a fucking genius that’s all I gotta say.”

“Garcia just shut everyone up, bro Just whooped Devin Haney like he was NOTHING”

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