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Special Court Sentences Imran Khan to 10 Years Imprisonment

Imran Khan, former Prime Minister of Pakistan and PTI chief, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison. The special court has found Mr. Khan and his colleague Shah Mahmood Qureshi in the cipher case. 

The troubles of the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, who is already serving a three-year sentence, have increased further. The special court has sentenced Imran Khan to 10 years in prison for revealing government secrets by waving confidential documents at a public rally.

Main opposition leader Imran Khan had great expectations from the parliamentary elections in Pakistan. However, this decision, which came just a week before the elections, has increased their problems even further. Together with Mr. Khan, the court has convicted PTI leader Shah Mahmood Qureshi. 

In the absence of Mr. Qureshi, the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) party will be faceless in the elections. Mr. Khan is already serving a three-year sentence in a corruption case.

What is the cipher case against Imran Khan? 

In the cipher case, Imran Khan was accused of exposing secrets by waving a confidential document at a public rally in 2022. Pakistan Federal Investigation Agency filed a case against Imran Khan and Shah Mahmood Qureshi on August 15, 2023. 

The agency accused PTI leaders of violating the secrecy laws by waving secret documents in public. The documents were supposed to be sent by the Pakistani ambassador in Washington. 

During the rally, the former Pakistani Prime Minister waved a document at the rally on March 27, 2022. The rally was scheduled a month after Mr. Khan was ousted from the government. Imran Khan showed that document and claimed that it was a conspiracy of America to oust him from the government.

Although both the Pakistan and US governments declined his allegations, in addition to the cipher case, about 150 cases are still pending against the former cricketer. 

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What will Imran Khan’s next step be? 

PTI leaders and workers have termed this decision as wrong. Now, a senior leader of the party has decided to challenge this decision. Imran Khan’s legal team will now challenge this decision in the High Court.



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