Why is Rihanna Getting Hate in India: Anant Ambani Pre-Wedding 

Why is Rihanna Getting Hate in India

Rihanna joined and sang at a fancy Indian family’s party a few days back. But now, after she finished her performance and went home, some Indians are hating on her. Let’s see why Rihanna getting hate in India; 

The party before the wedding of Mukesh Ambani’s son Jayant Ambani happened in Jamnagar, Gujarat. Mukesh Ambani, one of the richest people in India, hosted this big event from March 1 to 3. 

The businessman invited some popular personalities from all across the world, some as guests and some as performers. Rihanna was also one of those expensive performers who joined and performed on the pre-wedding night. 

According to a Daily Mail report, Rihanna was paid around $6.3 million for her performance. She did a great job, and everyone at the event, as well as her fans, had a good time. However, some folks began spreading negativity toward Rihanna because of her past opinions and remarks about India.

Rihanna getting hate? 

People are trolling Rihanna for her previous comments on farmer’s protests in India. Indian farmers were protesting against the government more than a year ago. At that time, Rihanna supported Indian farmers and wrote for their rights on social media. 

Rihanna’s old tweet

According to some so-called nationalists, Rihanna interfered in India’s internal matters, leading to hateful comments directed at the Grammy-winning singer. This incident occurred previously, and when Rihanna didn’t acknowledge it, the haters ceased their activities. 

However, they have now resurfaced with new tactics. Critics on social media are suggesting that Rihanna’s performance in India was orchestrated as revenge by Ambani. According to them, Ambani has avenged the insult of the entire country by making Rihanna dance in his program.

Who are the haters?

The individuals spreading hate are often referred to as “Andhbhakts,” blind followers of the Modi government in India. They harbor animosity towards anyone perceived to be against the government or the ruling party, regardless of the individual’s stance or actions.

Some of these haters are allegedly government-funded and actively work to discredit individuals who oppose the government’s policies. Although their numbers are relatively small, they utilize all available resources to promote and support the government’s agenda. They even consider the farmers against the nation. 

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